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من نحن

Rana Alsaadi | Executive Chairwoman

As an original co-founder and now Executive Chairwoman of the PACEM family of companies, my vision, grounded in a clear understanding of our business, its market environment, and competitive trends, is for us “to be teachers of righteousness and students of its implementation.”


You may have heard this quote attributed to Albert Einstein:  “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”  I thought of this when I began to write this vision statement.


What I mean by “to be teachers of righteousness and students of its implementation” is that we should always strive to transform ourselves - PACEM executives, employees, customers, and partners - into a better humankind, and to acknowledge the vital role of our service in a life-threatening setting, always hoping for, and always striving for a better and safer environment.


My leadership vision builds upon the “PACEM Family Values” approved by PACEM co-founder Cory Mills on October 29, 2018, of earned mutual trust, honesty, faithfulness, patriotism, honor, selfless servant leadership, subsidiarity, humility and humor.


As a refugee of war and as a wife of a combat veteran, my leadership vision reflects my deeply-rooted commitment to these shared values, and to the importance of righteousness in our shared life journey.  The first five of our PACEM Family Values, “earned mutual trust, honesty, faithfulness, patriotism, honor,” defined for me the models of righteousness that each of us the PACEM Family should always strive to be.  


My own personal experiences in surviving war taught me the importance of always being a student of the implementation of righteousness.  By this I mean that we can always learn from the example of others how righteousness in the end is more important than simply making money and survival, as important as those two goals are to each member of the PACEM Family. 


As we announced in promulgating our Pacem Family Values in 2018, our employees and their families are First Things; security and safety are paramount.  Manufacturing efficiency and profits are very important Second Things.  If we only focus on these very important Second Things, in the end we will not achieve them, and in the process we will lose our First Things.  We will succeed in business by focusing on both.

My leadership vision is “to be teachers of righteousness and students of its implementation.” 

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